Bullhorn Interns

Are you made of the right stuff? We’re always looking for talented people with the ability to multi-task, think on their feet, and work independently.

The program is competitive and there is often a wait list. It is also paid, and – if you are out-of-town – we will help you find housing. 3 months / 10-12 weeks. Part-time. We will work with you to get a schedule that fits with your needs and plans.

While the positions are filled now, we are accepting applications for (in order of priority):
+ Design
+ Social Media
+ Copywriting

Q: I’m a college dropout who spent the last five years working on a shrimping boat, can I still apply?
A: There is no age or school year minimum or maximum. Our last intern to get hired on full-time was a whopping 28 years old. You simply have to be useful.

Q: What do you mean by “portfolio of work?”
A: Anything that shows off your skills to their best advantage. Sample of writing from a class, blog post, scrapbook. Just make sure it isn’t boring.

Q: I need an internship for college credit, will this count?
A: Probably not a good idea to lead with that. But we can work with your school to make sure this program works for you.

If you fit this description, then send your résumé, portfolio of work, and a brief statement of interest to: interns@bullhorncreative.com