Redefining Service with a Smile

When I say “Automotive Internet Sales and BDC Operations,” what comes to mind? What about “Car Dealership Sales Training?” For most of us, Kain’s offering is pretty inside baseball. But for those in the car dealer and manufacturer world, it’s critical.

Kain Automotive provides expert professional development for those in this industry. How to sell. Better, more efficiently, and more personally. And in their industry, they are standouts. Three out of four employees are related to each other. The fourth might as well be. They’re a small, family-run company that combines expertise with a human approach to sales unlike anyone else in their space.

They engaged us to articulate that difference.

Kain Automotive Business Consultants Poto Style Branding

As Kain grows their micro-workshop and online education offerings, they need a brand that will translate well across every medium. Digital, print, t-shirts, temporary tattoos.

We created a new look and feel for their team that feels smarter and more approachable. With an updated blue and a lowercase wordmark, the new Kain identity more closely reflects who they are and where they’re going.

Kain Automotive Business Consultants LogoKain Automotive Business Consultants Notebook BrandingKain Automotive Business Consultants Notepad BrandingKain Automotive Business Consultants Collateral BrandingKain Automotive Business Consultants Tote Bag BrandingKain Automotive Business Consultants Earbuds BrandingKain Automotive Business Consultants Photo Style Branding

The branding exercise took place in the weeks leading up to their banner Client and Friends Conference, in which they gathered industry professionals and vendors in Lexington, Kentucky for a series of professional development and networking events. The new brand came to life in this setting – and in photographs from Dana Rogers that show off how genuinely fun an event like this can be with Kain at the helm.

Kain Automotive Business Consultants Poster Branding

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As creativity and production become democratized, what is the place of the agency? The expert?