Go By Bicycle

The best way to experience a city is by bicycle. After just a few weeks of being here in Lexington, I noticed a distinct culture of bike-riding. And as a rapidly improving community, Lexington needs to keep pace with its transportation. We need a city-wide bikeshare program. A program unique to Lexington’s culture.

Advancing with my observations, research, and brainstorms with the rest of the creative team, I developed two completely different bikeshare brands.


Kickstand is a vibrant identity that demonstrates this bikeshare program’s vested interest in joy. The energy and aggression is suggested by the slanted, angular k. A fluorescent, reflective color palette. These bikes are edgy and visible.


Cycle Cycle is more friendly and approachable. More sophisticated. The name is derived from the repetitive turning of bike wheels, and it is also a reference to the cycle of the bike being used, returned, and used again. Cycle Cycle uses a neutral color palette with a bright blue to nod the Kentucky blue. The mark is an infinity line, curvy and round with colors breaks to evoke the motion of wheels.


Kristen is a new designer at Bullhorn. She used to be an intern. Read her interview here.
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