Checking in on Block + Lot

Before there was a Block + Lot, there were three friends. Peter Barr, Greg Leveridge, and Clay Angelucci grew up together in Lexington. The three friends ended up pursuing similar careers in real estate, and after substantial experience working for established companies they decided to strike out on their own. They hired their lifelong friend Griffin Van Meter, enlisting his company’s branding services to come up with a name and identity to propel this driven group’s vision.

And then there was Block + Lot.

Block + Lot Branding Interview

Four years later, they are leading the commercial real estate industry in central Kentucky. You probably know this because you’ve seen their signage everywhere. It’s eye-catching. “It was a great time to start a real estate company,” Greg credits timing and hard work for their success.

Starting their business was truly hard work. The days were long. The stress was high. The three friends were also experiencing personal milestones. Babies. Moving. Renovating. “You couldn’t have thrown more at us at this point,” Greg says. “It was a ton of work, but it was extremely rewarding looking back at that time,” adds Peter.

Block + Lot Branding InterviewBlock + Lot Branding Interview

The team’s shared dedication to a personal approach, developing client relationships, was forged during these early days. This dedication has guided their growth. Since 2013, they have gone from one or two agents and no staff to eleven agents and two staff members. And they’ve been focused in their recruitment, hiring agents with real estate experience who are, as Peter puts it, “Self-motivated.”

Block + Lot Branding Interview

“We are quality of work-driven, not quantity,” says Greg. The personal sensibility at Block + Lot is a welcome change.

“When a property owner entrusts us with managing or listing their property, we want to treat the transaction as if we own it,” Peter emphasizes.

Their team has a targeted focus, and their reach in central Kentucky shows how this approach has resonated here. “Our market share has grown at an exponential rate each year,” says Peter. But Greg, Peter, and Clay have no plans to sprawl beyond their current boutique team approach. “This is the size we want, and I think we only recently recognized this. We can thrive with this size,” says Greg.

Lexington and its surrounding environs is their shared passion. Block + Lot has been a big player in this city’s enhancement, notably in the Distillery District. “To know that we have touched some of that is very exciting,” says Peter.

Block + Lot Branding Interview

Through it all, the friendship that started this business has remained strong. “We are all different in a lot of ways,” says Greg. “So we approach and tackle things in a different way,” adds Peter. This complementary style has fueled their growth, and even their disagreements – and “there has been no shortage of disagreements” Greg says – are a part of that development. Because they started as friends, these men have a personal respect for each other. Peter noted that “The friendship is our foundation.”

That sense of complementarity was also a big part of their branding exercise. “It was a good balance of your all’s leadership and openness to input,” notes Greg. “It was a fun process,” adds Peter.

Block + Lot Branding Interview

Future plans? Block + Lot is moving. They’re leaving their office building above A Cup of Common Wealth and setting up in their own building on Short Street. “We love it here, we are going to miss the coffee for sure. But we’re excited about that move,” says Peter.

“I hope in 5 years that we have the same group of people, people who have grown from working with us, mastering their craft.” Peter, Greg, and Clay remain focused on their clients, their team, and their friendship.