Does Branding Actually Help Nonprofits?

When people think of branding, they think for profit. Commercial art. For those in the nonprofit word, it is primarily a tool for fundraising – or written off completely. Both of these ideas are wrong. MONEY DOES NOT DILUTE YOUR MISSION Mahnaz Afkhami, founder of the Women’s Learning Partnership for Rights, Development, and Peace (WLP), …

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How to Sell a Big Idea

Thousands of Texans travel between Dallas and Houston. It is a ten-hour round-trip drive on the massively gridlocked I-45. This highway hosts outdated bridges and service stations. It is in dire need of repair, redesign, and rebuilding. And even with this restoration, the highway would continue to engender traffic. The Texas Bullet Train is an …


Our Summer Interns Converse for the First Time

The intern interview is pretty hyped up around here. We like to think it’s because we’re the office enigmas. Just ask Chris. He’s always convinced we’re plotting something. On our penultimate week of our internships, we decided to sit down for a quick conversation that will hopefully dispel some of the mystery that surrounds us. …

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Straight Talk

Churchill McGee is a general contracting company with a bold, no-bullshit approach. Their design and construction expertise is wide-ranging – from projects in retail, restaurant, and office spaces to historical, governmental, educational, and healthcare facilities. Notable past projects include the Bluegrass Airport facade, the Transylvania University library, and Windy Corner Market. Their candid sensibility sets …

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Following Transformation in Real-Time

We first met Ryan Hargrove 4 years ago. He taught a creativity class at the University of Kentucky. He asked us to speak to the class about our methodologies for maintaining high levels of creative output. We returned a couple years in a row and became friends. He called with a project with a super …


Look Up

We worked with the city to launch Safe Streets, raising awareness on the road for pedestrians, bikers, and drivers. We’re all distracted. Behind the wheel, crossing the street, or commuting on two wheels. Lexington’s downtown area is no place to zone out. This campaign is intended to jog people out of their comfort zones and …


“The Man” Needs a Facelift

Institutions are made to be toppled. From governments to fast fashion brands, the more “establishment” you are perceived, the more untenable your position in a cultural climate in which two-thirds of the world have less than 50% trust in “the system.” If you’re a part of “the system,” or a large organization that has been …

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Providing Access, Supporting Independence

Adaptive recreation programs are a huge asset and point of pride in recreation destinations across the country – from skiing in Vail to kayaking in Martha’s Vineyard. These therapeutic programs work with people with cognitive and physical disabilities, expanding their access to physical fitness. The benefits – from emotional to functional – of programs like …


WordPress Plugins Are Like Those Glade Plugins, Right?

It’s no secret that we love (or, when we’re feeling less positive, tolerate) WordPress. It’s our go-to Content Management System (CMS) for the websites that we design and develop. Its usage is so widespread finding answers to questions is easy. If you’re running into an issue, it’s fairly likely that someone else has hit that …

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Why We Bike, Revisited

My favorite French word is flâner. Originally defined as “the act of being lazy, avoiding chores,” this term became a rallying cry for Modernism. In the 19th century, poets and scholars redefined what it meant to be a flâneur. Charles Baudelaire put it this way: For the perfect flâneur, for the passionate spectator, it is …

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Checking in on Block + Lot

Before there was a Block + Lot, there were three friends. Peter Barr, Greg Leveridge, and Clay Angelucci grew up together in Lexington. The three friends ended up pursuing similar careers in real estate, and after substantial experience working for established companies they decided to strike out on their own. They hired their lifelong friend …

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