How to Launch a New Brand

Great stories are made or broken by the way you tell them. For the organizations we work with, their branding exercise is proven through the way that they unveil their new look and feel to the world. In our recent collaboration with landscaping company Plot (formerly Great Lawns), brand rollout was critical to their success.

I sat down with Keller Ross, a partner at Plot, to discuss how they went public with their new name, identity, and team.


What changes did you implement at your company, along with your new name and brand?
Systems. We rethought everything from scheduling to estimating. We looked into creating a “destination” company for both employees and clients. This included offering greater benefits, putting together training programs, and implementing weekly safety meetings.


What was your overall launch strategy?
We really wanted everything to hit at once. Our clients, employees, and the general public were kept in the dark until launch day. The website, uniforms, truck decals, and letterhead were all Great Lawns one day and Plot the next.


How did you introduce your current clients to your new name?
We sent out a signed letter from myself and Josh that showed our appreciation of our current clients. They were key to the success and growth of Great Lawns, and are key to the future of Plot.
[ed. note: To accompany this effort, we also created a temporary site that featured an edited version of this letter. That landing page was distributed to any and all interested parties to lay the groundwork for their full site.]


How did you introduce your team to the new name and brand?
On the morning of launch day, we had a party that included a presentation on branding, new benefits, and Plot’s vision. We had a raffle where every employee won Plot swag (polo shirts, coolers, pocket knives, etc.). And at the end of the party, we gave everyone their pick of new boots from the mobile National Workwear truck.


Why did you show your team how the branding process went?
To us, this was really important. We wanted our new branding to be a surprise, so we had to keep a lot of our trusted employees in the dark for during that process. It was amazing to guide them through it, and let them know the hard work and excitement that goes into branding.


How did you encourage team pride in the company?
It’s human nature to look at change and wonder, “What’s in it for me?” We wanted to let our team know that this process was all about growing their career and their company.


How has their pride grown?
To us, it’s the little things that have changed. Employees show up to the office earlier and ready to work. They ask us for extra shirts and hats to hand out to friends and family. And they even want the company decal on their personal vehicles.


What was client reception like?
Here is an excerpt of one of the many messages we received:
“I just wanted to say how blown away I have been with everything you’ve been doing with the release of Plot! To say you’ve made big waves in a short amount of time is an understatement. I’m very proud of your accomplishments and the direction you guys are headed.”


How has the Plot brand resonated with Lexington?
We were noticed immediately. Whether it’s the unique look of our trucks or the simplicity of our name, residents of Lexington have asked a lot of questions and they’ve all given positive feedback.

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