Don’t Cross Me

Are you looking for more obstacles in your bicycle racing? Perhaps an ever-changing terrain that forces you to dismount and carry your bike up hills and over tree trunks? If you answered yes to any of the these questions, then cyclo-cross is for you!
Brad, Sam, and Jason were tired of racing in those boring old flat circles, so they brought cyclo-cross downtown. And Easy Rider was born (ironic chuckle)!  While it sounds anything but easy, this event is for riders and racers of all backgrounds and skill levels. It attracts new riders and experienced racers alike.
The central image is reminiscent of a patch you might find on a biker’s jacket. It’s something you’ve earned or accomplished, something to collect. Elements of the “patch” like the merlon and crenels found at the top of a castle are representative of Castlewood Park, where the Easy Rider event was held. Future “patches” may change with the Easy Rider venues, though the simple motif of the bicycle wheel will anchor the Easy Rider brand.

So we’ll see you at the next race to collect your patch. Gotta catch ’em all. We get it.

Learn more about cyclo-cross here.

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