Welcome to Kentucky, Welcome Home

Kentucky Growers Insurance Company is over a century old. It has seen a tidal wave of change roll through the Commonwealth, insuring farmers first then expanding to include urban families. It’s made up of a network of generations who, because this is a mutual company, all have a personal financial stake in its success. And because the company remained loyal to the Commonwealth for a hundred years, refraining from expansion outside state lines, it has a personal stake in Kentuckians.

Essentially, Kentucky Growers is a family with a deep history, a legacy in and of itself.

This video is evocative. It takes a hazy idea–state pride, state identity–and gives it human contour. Why are we proud to be Kentuckians? Because this state is comprised of people who we love, who we have loved our whole lives.

From Colin Doherty, Director and Producer
The production took us to all corners of the state–rural and urban–all with the mission to uncover what “Home” means to Kentuckians. We wanted to convey both how important home is and the role Kentucky Growers plays in protecting our homes.

We filmed in: Greensburg, Paris, Bowling Green, Sugar Grove, Carlisle, Cynthiana, Lexington, Louisville, Whitesburg, and Hopkinsville amongst others.

Essentially, we captured a day in the life, from morning till dusk at these locations.

With that in mind, we decided to personify the Home. We juxtaposed shots of the exteriors and their environments with intimate interior footage, fleshing out the life of the home. In addition, we included closeups of the doorknobs to invite the viewer to reach out and investigate. Piecing together the edit with a simple script that rang true and honest.

As filmmakers, you dream of projects like the video we produced for Kentucky Growers. The result is something really personal – it comes from the heart.