Learning Web Development

The thing that will help out a fledgeling web developer most is a voracious hunger to learn. You will never, ever reach a point where you have mastered everything because, more than any field that I’ve experienced until now, change is constant and very aggressive. … Continued

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The Shape of Things

Words have recognizable shapes. The shape and context of the word impacts meaning, legibility, and memorability. The assertive block of upper case. The rise and fall of ascenders and descenders in lower case. Shape emerges from font, but has some unique qualities that merit as separate discussion. … Continued


What Do You Mean?

A single word can carry infinite weight. We want to ensure that each level of meaning works to your advantage.

It is our job to sweat over shades of meaning to find a name, tagline, or headline that sounds nice and carries with it a suitcase of meaning that benefits the organization. When we work through a naming exercise or other brand language we consider three primary types of meaning. … Continued