Checking in on Block + Lot

Before there was a Block + Lot, there were three friends. Peter Barr, Greg Leveridge, and Clay Angelucci grew up together in Lexington. The three friends ended up pursuing similar careers in real estate, and after substantial experience working for established companies they decided to strike out on their own. They hired their lifelong friend …

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How to Launch a New Brand

Great stories are made or broken by the way you tell them. For the organizations we work with, their branding exercise is proven through the way that they unveil their new look and feel to the world. In our recent collaboration with landscaping company Plot (formerly Great Lawns), brand rollout was critical to their success. … Continued


Good Food Tastes Better

Shawn “Big Shake” Davis started working in a restaurant kitchen when he was 12. Now, he’s a culinary entrepreneur with a growing roster of television appearances and a host of brands to his name – including his newest venture to hit Lexington, Kentucky, Big Shake’s Hot Chicken. … Continued


Bullhorn Amps Up the Flavor

You’ve already met Sword, but have you tried it? When we worked with the Sword team to build a branded identity that would clearly demonstrate the product’s honesty and practicality, we created a stripped down fitness packaging design to match. To say that Sword has grown over the past 6 months is an understatement. Sword’s …


A Story Behind Every Flavor

Toa, the maestro behind Crank & Boom, called us asking for a packaging facelift that told the C&B story with a little more personality. Carrie and I worked with Toa to explore what it sounds like to be a craft ice cream maker in Kentucky using local ingredients. Fresh Strawberry tastes like summer and youthfulness. …


Connecting People

Thousands of Texans travel between Dallas and Houston. It is a ten-hour round-trip drive on the massively gridlocked I-45. This highway hosts outdated bridges and service stations. It is in dire need of repair, redesign, and rebuilding. And even with this restoration, the highway would continue to engender traffic. Texas Central is an opportunity to …