A Story Behind Every Flavor

Toa, the maestro behind Crank & Boom, called us asking for a packaging facelift that told the C&B story with a little more personality. Carrie and I worked with Toa to explore what it sounds like to be a craft ice cream maker in Kentucky using local ingredients.
Fresh Strawberry tastes like summer and youthfulness. It tastes carefree.

“You spent the day on the banks of the Kentucky river, swinging from the knotted rope till your arms gave out. Laid out on the bed of your truck, the wind dries your hair. Roadside stand strawberries paint your fingerprints scarlet. They are more than sweet, more than tart.”

Bourbon and Honey has a nostalgic element, but it is more adult. Walker Percy described bourbon as “the little explosion of Kentucky USA sunshine.”

“This isn’t artificially­-flavored bourbon concentrate. This is not what the high school freshmen are drinking in their parents’ basements. This bourbon is for adults. It’s the same bourbon we use to water the goldenrod that adorns Hunter S. Thompson’s headstone. Best enjoyed on your porch under the dimming summer sun.”

Kentucky Blackberry and Buttermilk is farm life. Briar scratches, sunburn.

“You didn’t plan on this. Somehow it went from 9 o’clock to midnight, and you’re miles away from your house – nearing horse country. The pastures are moonlit. You climb the white wooden fence and land in a blackberry bush. Tenderly, you stretch your arm into the thick of it. When you bite into the fruit, you can taste the sun’s warmth.”

When I think of Dark Chocolate Truffle I mainly think about sex.

“You take the first bite right into the middle. There is the immediate, jolting, quickening of breath. You notice the breeze, the feel of the linen on your skin. Time contracts. Your focus narrows. You breathe all the way in, relaxing, feeling all sensations rise to heat in your cheeks. You think, whoa. I guess there are two things that feel like that.”

Coffee Stout is an ode the idea that balance is a better approach to life than moderation.

“You are on vacation. And there is that early afternoon conundrum: do you have one more cup of coffee or do you switch to beer? You stand between the fridge and stove in indecision. In a moment of inspiration you reach for the freezer. You open the pint of ice cream. You pour in the coffee; you pour in the beer. It is vacation and everything is beautiful.”

Vanilla Bean is a classic. And, it isn’t easy to redo a classic. We think this one does.

“The shallows are a surprising turquoise out to the edge of the reef where the water goes navy. A single fisherman in a canoe and no clouds. The palm fronds sway with a family of Sifaka lemurs in the branches. And the smell. The rich smell of vanilla beans drying in the sun.”

Some ice cream is meant to be serious. Not SuperFudge. This is the ice cream that plays itself in the animated feature.

“Our kitchen is like a phone booth. Where the nerdy guy in an awkward suit goes to pull on his blue tights, red briefs and cape. But, that is a metaphor. What actually happens is we get the milk and sugar and chocolate. We mix it together. We freeze it. And we send it out in the world to fly around saving people from evil.”

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