Empathy and Honesty

We care about each other. The fact is that our work is one of the main ways we will spend our time. That time should be productive. It should mean something.

And we are honest because it deepens trust and makes way for better empathy. Among ourselves, with our clients. And, ultimately, it creates better work.

Dissatisfaction and Improvement

We care about the broken things. The inconsistencies, the ugly things, the things that cause friction. We notice.

They fuel our urge for improvement. We are the princess who feels the damn pea under all those mattresses and has to get up to do something about it.

Creativity and Decisiveness

We care about cultivating creativity. Here, you are expected to bring your full creative capacity to bear on whatever task you face.

And you must make a choice. Put it out there. Make another. And another. Iterate. Be willing to look simple. Stupid. The true enemy of creativity is indecision.


A Responsible Company Doing Rewarding Work

Work isn’t just about product. It’s about how you do it. And just as we strive to make good stuff, we are interested in being a better company. A responsible company doing rewarding work. We’re proud to be a Certified B Corporation®, among the over 2,200 leaders of the global movement of people using business as a force for good. Read our B Corp report here.

Want to Join Us?

Do you run on challenge, discomfort, and mutiny? Can you work in a team, defend your work, and accept criticism?

We take our work seriously but not ourselves. If this sounds like you, click on the job you want below and keep reading.

Note: We are always looking for qualified candidates.

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