The Juggling Squad

I juggle.

Not actual juggling, that sounds hard. The calendar app on my iPhone is frequently open for juggling purposes. I do school. I do art. I do bikes. And, now, I do Bullhorn. They’re mostly all the same thing, actually.
But my daily Bullhorn to-do list looks something like this:

+ finish that poster.
+ design better business cards.
+ look at rebrands on cool websites for inspiration.
+ write blog post about myself.

So that’s what I’m doing today.

Not on my Bullhorn to-do list: I do a lot of listening.
I said this at the end of my internship, and I maintain that the best part of being at Bullhorn is just getting to listen. What goes on here is so damn fascinating that if I actually need to focus, I have to put on headphones. New construction downstairs? New shortcut next door? New client? New website’s up? Pastries?

Yeah. So sometimes, I have to headphone.

This is an installment in our Vision Quest series – the collected grievances, resolutions, and remembrances of Bullhorn as we attempt to take stock in the new year.

We interviewed Stevie when she was an intern.

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