Your Digital Backyard

Digital is not a remote consideration for businesses anymore. A considered digital strategy is no longer icing on the cake – it is the keystone to your brand. For landscaping company Plot, this was a primary consideration in both their launch and their ongoing presence.

Plot Landscaping Branding Website Design

We started with a splash page that featured a personal letter from the two partners explaining the genesis of their new company. All their launch materials directed clients to this splash page. “They were key to the success and growth of Great Lawns [the original company], and are key to the future of Plot,” partner Keller Ross said.


The Plot web experience is driven by strong imagery. The beautiful spaces they create – and the great people who create them – were all we needed to communicate this group’s expertise. With this in mind, we maintained simplicity. We kept copy to a minimum. Services were communicated through identification and illustration. You don’t need anything else.





We focused our written content on the team page, including to-the-point, yet personal Q and A’s with the leadership. When hiring someone to take care of your outdoor space, you have to trust that they’re not just good at lawn-care, they’re good people. There’s a lot of trust that underlines this relationship. The team page is critical.



For people who had the good fortune to work with Josh and Keller before they joined forces, their personal approach to social media was a testament to their commitment to digital. Simply put: They posted good photos of yards they worked on. Plot continues on this tradition. Their pride in their work shows.



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