Sensual Experiences at the Night Market

Every first Friday from April to December, the NoLi Night Market fills an otherwise unassuming Bryan Avenue. The 6 o’clock trickle turns into a mass of Lexingtonians – all shapes and sizes. Music fills the corridor. The sun sets and strings of light dangle from tent tops and temporary scaffolding, illuminating art of varied medium. Food, drink, clothes, handmade walking sticks, and plastic beaded bracelets reading “Kentucky” in exotic colors.

For this year’s poster series, we wanted to mirror the melange that is the Night Market. And we wanted to reinforce that everyone is welcome, that the makeup of the crowd at the market should be as eclectic as the art it showcases.

NM_Blog Post-01

The event poster design series draws upon every sense that the Market conjures. The textures of handmade material, the warmth (or chill) in the air, the sight and sound of cars whizzing through the crosshair of Limestone and Loudon in the background. I used a variety of media including fabric, leaves, carpet, flowers, and paint. Can you match the poster to the medium?



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