Getting Our Hands Dirty

Do you remember January? It seems so long ago. Back then, we were chucking daily blog posts at you in our Vision Quest series. Adam wrote about improving our work. He noted that everything we do will improve the more we collaborate, mix it up, throw our weight around with like-minded weirdos.

We’ve been working with Chris at Push Push Press for a few years now. He liked us so much he moved in next door. His screen print studio is the birthplace of all of your favorite t-shirts: Kentucky for Kentucky, Crank & Boom, Bike Polo madness, Fayette Alliance, and so many more. We visited Push Push Press yesterday afternoon to learn more about how he makes these beautiful prints, and try it out ourselves.

We sent him isolated icons that we’ve designed over the course of time. For clients, for ourselves. Little nuggets that we fell in love with. You may recognize a few. Chris prepped the silkscreens for us, mixed the inks, demonstrated the process, and helped us make kickass t-shirts for the whole squad.








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