A Gathering Place Revisited

Like all great things, the rebrand process takes time, care, and focus. Since partnering with Good Foods Co-Op in fall 2013, we’ve helped them revitalize their brand through research, strategy development, visual identity creation, and their website launch. Now, Good Foods has implemented its new interior and exterior redesigns, bringing the store into a more accessible, engaging space. New signage attracts customers while new structures simplify the shopping experience and create a spirit of inclusivity. Combined with its brighter, more energetic identity, Good Foods Co-Op is a gathering place for family and friends – of nourishment in all its forms.

We sat down with Co-Op Marketing Manager Kristy Maggard and Bullhorn Creative Director Adam to learn more about bringing farm to Lexington’s plates – and unifying a community through design.

Good Foods Co-Op Branding Exterior and Interior Design Consultation

What was the strategy behind the new identity?

A: When we sat down with Good Foods, they kept coming back to the word “whimsy.” They wanted to inject some energy and joy into their identity. To feel approachable, and shake off any stigma that you needed to be a member to shop there. Food has the ability to bring all of us together. The new look was never about changing them. It was about bringing new customers, old customers, and employees together.

K: We really responded to that – it was just so simple and fresh. We loved the bright color palette and the personalized farm-to-table icons. Everything was able to be mixed and matched, but it also restored emphasis to “local.” It made us excited about our brand again.

Good Foods Co-op Branding Exterior and Interior Design ConsultationGood Foods Co-op Branding Exterior and Interior Design ConsultationGood Foods Co-op Branding Exterior and Interior Design ConsultationGoodFoods_SignageChickenGoodFoods_CafeSignage

In what ways does the redesign differentiate Good Foods from other brands?

K: I think the bright colors and unique touches set us apart from the competition. Things like the fun and clever icons. Or the little chicken above the entrance, which looks great lit up at night. It’s all very flexible but cohesive.

A: The approach from other stores falls into two categories: low-cost or high-end. We needed the identity to portray the people, space, and products you’d come across. Great quality food, without any of the pretentiousness. The new identity is an invitation to get to know a great group of quirky, caring people who have devoted themselves to championing local farmers and producers.

Good Foods Co-op Branding Exterior and Interior Design Consultation

What were your goals for the interior and exterior redesign?

K: We wanted to update the entire look. Make it more modern and refreshing, so that people would want to come in and shop. The store felt cluttered, and we wanted to make it more inviting.

A: The layout had some physical and visual roadblocks as you entered. Our goal was to guide people, improve the shopping experience by making it easier. We limited the amount of carts by the entrance. We painted the ceiling a dark color, bringing people’s eyes down to the food. Now when you walk inside, you’re greeted with all this beautiful produce, and you have a better view of the redone Café.

Good Foods Co-op Branding Exterior and Interior Design ConsultationGoodFoods_Before_Produce

How does the redesign impact the customer experience?

K: They think the store is easier to shop. It’s brighter and more colorful; signage is updated and easier to read. And the structural changes have really opened up both entrances, making everything easier to navigate.

A: An immediate goal was to bring the two internal customer groups together: those who used the buffet and those who used the market. We wanted to cross-pollinate, and get customers out of their normal routines to wander a bit.

K: The response from our customers has been very positive. The greatest compliment is seeing our new Co-Op bumper stickers on so many cars. By someone placing our logo on their personal item, it’s definitely a show of support. Our basket of stickers is constantly being refilled!

GoodFoods_StickerGood Foods Co-op Branding Exterior and Interior Design ConsultationGoodFoods_Before_Wellness

What challenges did you face throughout the redesign process?

A: Budget. We dreamed really big, but we were able to create different cost options in the end. All of these used existing structures to keep the cost down, or were simple but impactful changes. The new exterior paint is something that mostly goes unnoticed, but it really freshened up the whole location.

K: Adding to that, a huge challenge for us was the logistics. We couldn’t close our store to implement the new brand, so we really had to coordinate all store projects – painting, installation, demolition, etc. – with lots of different people and vendors.

Good Foods Co-op Branding Exterior and Interior Design ConsultationGood Foods Co-op Branding Exterior and Interior Design ConsultationGood Foods Co-op Branding Exterior and Interior Design Consultation

How do you see Good Foods Co-Op evolving?

A: I loved how the employees embraced it, collecting and wearing all the various buttons, that’s simply an outward expression. The people who shop and work at the Co-Op love the Co-Op. So any way they can wear that pride, share that enjoyment, the better.

K: Our employees are so happy to work at a store that doesn’t look so outdated. They love the new shirt, and even wear them on a daily basis! And like Adam said, they’ve enjoyed collecting, trading, and wearing our buttons. So with our customers, owners, farmers, and employees so happy, I think we can only grow from here.

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