Armed With Purpose: Higher Education Branding

Union College is a hidden jewel in Barbourville, Kentucky, where both undergraduate and graduate students pursue useful degrees in a personal, intimate environment. Their graduate program offers degrees in psychology and education. And their students are primarily online – people with jobs and/or families, working to gain an edge in their careers. They’re returning to school with an eye toward practical altruism. Their work is not just for their benefit, but for the benefit of their families and their communities.

This higher education branding project updates and matures the Union Graduate College identity, sophisticating the undergraduate college’s colors for an older, savvier audience. The primary motif uses map imagery to show a journey over time. It also suggests strategy, plotting out movement and choices. The look is engaging, it stands out online, yet it can easily integrate into an academic environment. It’s a smart identity that reflects the program’s quality – this is not the fastest, cheapest solution, it’s a serious investment in your future.

With true-to-life photography style and call-to-action messaging, Union College’s graduate program identity balances personality with gravity. It’s a serious program for people serious about improving their lives, and the lives of those around them.

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