Who’s That Young Person in the Corner? Getting to Know Our Intern

We weren’t prepared for Stevie’s interview. The conference room was occupied, the dungeon downstairs was taken by the NoLi CDC – we didn’t have room for a tête-à-tête. Stevie rolled up to a fireside shit show. But she jumped in, and she was so goddamn smart that the minute she walked out of the office we all agreed we had to have her on board.

A Knoxville native, Stevie Morrison is now a quintessential Northside local. She’s a Transylvania student in her last year studying Studio Art. And she lives down the street; Griffin is her landlord.

But besides those facts, and the fact that she is a very snappy dresser, what do we really know about this Stevie? I sat down with her at Production Island (once again) to learn more.
So what are you doing here?
Helping with research for new branding projects, concept brainstorming, drawing, eavesdropping.

Why are you here?
I’m here because design is the only stuff that stops me in my tracks.

You have a background in studio art, why did you decide to go into design?
A few years ago I took an intro to design class over the summer, just for fun. It had me from day one.

What kind of design do you like?
I love puzzles. Like when you’re looking at a poster of some words and your mind makes that little jump and you realize it’s actually a tree. Or something. Shigeo Fukuda type stuff.

What kind of art do you like?
Printmaking is my jam (especially lino). I love the 2D-ness of it and how it comes from such a 3D process. That’s probably what drove me toward design back in the beginning.

What do you think of Bullhorn so far?
It’s fantastic – the exact type of workplace I enjoy. Open space. Giggling. Bike helmets. iMacs. Good design.

Who is your least favorite person at Bullhorn and why? (Practically no one at Bullhorn reads this, go crazy)
Bahh! No way. I like everyone (so far).

What do you do outside of Bullhorn? 
I ride bikes. A lot. And I spend a lot of time in the studio.

As a transplant, what do you think of Lexington? Where do you hang out? (I ask because I’m trying to stalk you – full disclosure)
I hated Lexington when I first moved here. But now I love it. I hang out in the studio, the bike shop, West Sixth. My backyard.

What do you think of the Northside?
It’s the coolest gig I’ve been to. I’ve never met such friendly people.

Is Griffin a good landlord? (He definitely doesn’t read this, feel free to get your grievances off your chest)
Well. I would say yes, except my supposed-to-be-bike-shop-studio-garage is full of tires.

Tell me about your first hickey.
Ugh. From that janky boy in 10th grade. We all had one of those janky boys once.

Wise words indeed.

Check out Stevie’s website here.