Intern vs. Intern

This summer, we have four interns. With so many running around, who can keep track of their personal details? Their hobbies, interests. Their names. So we decided, four weeks in, to turn the spotlight on these young people. And let them speak for themselves.

Janie the Intern interviews Thomas, Brooklyn, Katie, and Janie herself in this hard-hitting exposé.

What is your full name and where do you go to school?
T: Thomas Burrell Burchett and I go to the University of Mississippi
B: Brooklyn Rachel Mittan and EKU
K: Mary Katharine Stewart aka Katie and Transy
J: Jane Ashmore Rardin the First and Only, and UK

What do you like the best about being a summer intern at Bullhorn?
T: I like the camaraderie, great company and a great place to work.
B: hmmm…pressure…um….um…the awesome people and nice atmosphere?…that’s pretty cool…
K: What’s not to like?
J: The Snacks


If you were a type of candy, what would you be and why?
B: Type of candy! What are these crazy questions?
J: Shut up.

Who’s your favorite Bullhorn Employee?
T: Oh, Stevie, duh.
B: I like Roscoe.
K: Roscoe because he’s giving me a kitten.
J: Stevie.

Least favorite?
K: Everyone who’s name is not Stevie.
J: Everyone but Stevie.


If Bullhorn were a pizza what toppings would come on it?
B: Jalapenos.
K: Oh, it’s gotta have a little bit of everything on it.
T: Maybe banana peppers.
K: Maybe hawaiian because –
T: – of the chill vibe.
K: Yeah, hang ten.
J: Kale, Starburst, spicy shrimp, and printer ink. I never hear the end of the printer ink.

Do you think this Griffin guy actually exists or do you think the employees made him up to make Bullhorn seem cooler than it actually is?
K: Definitely a figment of their imagination

If you were to have a themed party, what would the theme be?
T: Um, what do you call it?
K: Game of Thrones, because I’m into that right now.
B: I just got the whole first season I’m excited to watch it.
K: Yeah, I watched the whole series in two weeks
B: A pizza party! Pizza parties are the best.
T: Oh um…Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes.
J: Yikes!
(30 seconds of silence)
B: I would actually be jelly beans…If I were a candy…


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