Get to Know Joule

Joule’s new identity elevates their organization to a national player, and their website supports that. It was critical in the development of their brand voice and profile.

As contributors to a national conversation about finance through their podcast, TV appearances, blog, newsletter, and speaking appearances, the folks at Joule needed a website to showcase this voice. All the language on the site is an extension of their direct and knowledgable sensibility. And the way that content updates are displayed is similarly organized. The homepage captures six of the most recent pieces Joule has published. Because they’re constantly updating, your experience every time you visit the site is different.

Joule Financial Website Homepage

We worked with Chris Radcliffe to produce portraits that demonstrate the charismatic spirit at this firm. They’re contemporary and smart, approachable not silly.

The services page gives Joule the opportunity to flex their unique approach to financial management. Again, direct language reinforces that approach. Their philosophy comes through clearly.

The podcast and insights page are designed to deepen the experience. Tape Talk, their weekly podcast, has a strong following. It’s a major tool in building trust by showing off expertise and personality. Each podcast episode is listenable on the site.

For a small but growing firm with national capability, a comprehensive and strong website is critical. This site strengthens what they already have and translates it for loyal fans and clients nationwide.

Visit the Joule Financial website here.

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