Good Work Grows

Like a lot of people, Josh Sherman started mowing lawns for spending money in high school. Unlike a lot of people, he grew that pastime into a thriving, responsible business. For homeowners in Lexington, Great Lawns was a best-kept-secret. Josh and his team provide service and expertise. They work hard and they know what they’re doing.

After 18 years of hard work, Josh decided to grow Great Lawns even further. He partnered with his good friend Keller to expand his company’s offering into a full-service, comprehensive landscaping organization. To that end, he hired us to think through this transition from a branding perspective. A new name and identity.

We started with a conversation with Great Lawns’ major decision makers. This workshop made it clear from the start that they have a clear vision for their business. They’re ambitious. And they share values that make their vision within reach. In combination with researching Lexington’s landscaping groups – from high-end services to your nephew’s lawn mower – we identified their primary driver.

Plot Landscaping Branding Strategy

Generally, the landscaping process is harried. You don’t know when your lawn guy will show up; you don’t know if they’re inflating their rates; you don’t know what the results of all this labor and time and money will be. You’re in the dark. But Josh and Keller’s organization is the antidote to that feeling of unease. Through their process and their product, they bring peace of mind.

From there, we went through our naming process and presented a pared down selection of effective names. Their team was decisive, and they narrowed down their choices immediately. After a weekend at the lake, they made their final selection.

Plot Landscaping Branding ResearchPlot Landscaping Branding Logo

Plot is born from a simple work ethic. Its monosyllabic, layered meaning makes it impactful over time. In an industry where your outfit sounds like either a law firm or a joke, Plot is resonant. The mark is similarly meaningful. It incorporates imagery from this organization’s work: interlocking straight lines across a lawn. And it hints at a compass motif, incorporating Plot’s desire to guide their clients through small but important decisions about their spaces.

The mark is extended into an interlocking pattern that adds further texture to this identity. It more directly evokes lawn imagery. And it creates an iconic stamp for this company.

Color was a critical choice in this identity. The landscaping industry is dominated by one very obvious color: green. Why limit yourself to what everyone else is doing when nature offers so many compelling alternatives? We identified a unique violet that sets Plot apart from its competition. Paired with flowers that match, this color’s takes on more meaning. On its own, the color is striking.

Plot Landscaping Branding Logo SetPlot Landscaping Branding StationeryPlot Landscaping Branding PaperworkPlot Landscaping Branding Truck DecalPlot Landscaping Branding Truck TailgatePlot Landscaping Branding Truck DecalPlot Landscaping Branding Yard SignagePlot Landscaping Branding Polo ShirtPlot Landscaping Branding WebsitePlot Landscaping Branding iPhone Case and Sign

The team at Plot hit the ground running with their new identity, launching their business in the height of summer to offer their new and existing clients an unparalleled experience. Their identity sets them apart, but their work is what creates strong client relationships.

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