The Law is Personal

Kinkead and Stilz is a versatile firm with a history of service. We worked with their team to create a new visual and verbal identity – and a strong website – to showcase the breadth of their services and their personalities at work.

Their mark is rooted in tradition with its initials, but its angular form and abbreviated composition make it distinctly contemporary. Their colors are similarly complex. And their language is direct and sophisticated. Together, these elements prepare Kinkead and Stilz for a future of dedicated work.


Their website is deceptively simple in navigation, with a wealth of resources for potential clients to cull through if they choose. We worked with their team to make something that would serve as a digital business card, balancing information with visual engagement. Pairing strategic copy with rich photography from Magnus Lindqvist, this website shows off the firm’s professional and personal sides.

The portraits feature each attorney in a different local landmark. The attorneys chose their own backdrops, keeping in mind their personal and professional significance. By bringing the professional portraits outside, we showed off each attorney’s personality in more specific way. And strengthening the firm’s ties to their city and region was of paramount importance to the firm.


Our developer walks you through the finer points of web design.

In our work for a hot chicken franchise, we let the food sell itself.