It All Started in a Double-Wide

Kenny Ray and Will started their logistics outfit in a double-wide trailer. After a series of key hires, impressive growth, and a new headquarters, they hired us to help graduate them from upstarts to up-and-comers.

Will Holton, Co-Founder and VP of Sales (on the left, below): The team here is hard-working, eager, young, and dedicated. Because of the way our business is set up, every employee has an entrepreneur mindset. They make their own money.

Longship Logistics Lexington Branding Portraits

After one visit to the double-wide, we had a clear feel for this group. They’re determined. Ambitious. And bold.

Chris Jackson, Art Director and Lead Designer on this project: Many like to think of themselves as problem solvers. Few people fit the bill. Longship started with the hardest stuff to ship. Produce. But for these people, no load is too complex. No timetable is too tight.

With this in mind, we created a new name and identity that took their game to the next level. Their name emphasizes their team’s strength, combining vivid imagery with direct accessibility. The identity is similarly direct. Pairing a masthead-inspired mark with a classic wordmark combines tradition and contemporary. On its own, the mark is a graphic statement that works evocatively on everything from gear to business cards. The highlight color is similarly impactful.

Chris: I could tell that we were going to work well together. There was an immediate trust. As the relationship continued, from naming to brand execution, they weren’t afraid to question us. And they weren’t too stubborn to compromise. So the process really was collaborative.

Longship Logistics Lexington Branding LogoLongship Logistics Lexington Branding LogoLongship Logistics Lexington Branding Stationery

Will: Our unique logo offers us an opportunity to build a brand around the new name.

The Longship website is a powerful cultural tool. Pared down and memorable messaging drives their recruitment, and the new brand brings their team together. Direct eye contact is a feature throughout the portraits. This is a unified group of people.

Longship Logistics Lexington Branding PortraitsLongship Logistics Lexington Branding Group PhotoLongship Logistics Lexington Branding ShirtsLongship Logistics Lexington Branding Website

Will: We rolled out the new brand through the website, social media, our building renovation. We also distributed company gear to clients and employees.

Longship Logistics Lexington Branding Office SignageLongship Logistics Lexington Branding Truck Decal

We worked with the Longship team to brand their space – and their vehicles. This flexible brand provided them with a strong foundation for the growth of their enthusiastic organization.

Chris: Longship is younger, more nimble, driven, and hungry. I can’t see a plateau for them.

Will: We want to grow, solidify, and maintain relationships with customers and employees. At Longship, we give our employees the platform for success. And we want to attract the best talent in the area. Because we’re only as good as the staff we hire.

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