Meet Kristen

Our new intern’s path to Bullhorn has a lot in common with You’ve Got Mail. It was a digital romance from a distance.

Kristen McGriff is a University of Kansas grad from that self-same great state. She heard about us because her classmate brought our CFA branding project in to study in class, and she learned more through Dribbble. After a few conversations with her, a look at her résumé, and a lot of soul-searching, we offered her the design internship. Now, she isn’t just working for us, she’s living in the Northside. Full cultural immersion.

I sat down with Kristen to get to know this transplant.

Where are you from?
Olathe, Kansas… I know it sounds like the middle of nowhere, but it is really on the map.

Wait – why did you apply?
Bullhorn looked like a kick-ass place to be! I was looking for a smaller studio, a place to keep growing as a designer. And I wanted to pursue the opportunity to work with branding and identities. Bullhorn sold me. It was what I was looking for in a studio and culture I wanted to work for and with.

What do you love working on?
I love working with identity projects and making iconography.

What do you hate working on?
Drawing penguins.

Who is your favorite Bullhorn person? Besides Stevie.
Favorite Bullhorn person?? Are you kidding me? How can I pick? I really enjoy the whole team so far. Everyone has so much passion for what they are working on and to be surrounded by that energy makes me just as passionate.

How has your opinion changed about Lexington since you moved here?
Well I had never been to Lexington before this! So far it hasn’t been too bad. There is a lot more that meets the eye.

What are you listening to in those pink Beats headphones?
Depends on the day. Yesterday it was Glass Animals. Today I am listening to Drake, DJ Khaled, and Cheat Codes.

What were you like in middle school?
A misfit. I was emo, blasting Simple Plan and acting like the world was against me. A lot of teen angst.

What do you now have in common with your middle school self?
Middle school was all about that experimentation stage. You might try lipstick one day, pull your hair up a certain way, try a new sport, jump from one group of friends to another. Design is kind of like that. Sometimes what you try works… and well other times it can be a complete failure. All of it is a growing process.

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