Taking Our Talents to WofoCo: Phys Ed Returns

Way back in June, we hosted a panel discussion on placemaking. But it was in Louisville, on a Tuesday morning, so a lot of people in Lexington were not able to join. It was a good discussion, and it brought out a lot of passionate feelings about some very serious, relevant topics.

We thought it would worthwhile to host another one, this time in partnership with Woodford Forward, a group that advocates for urban renewal and farm preservation. It’s going to be on September 30th, at 5:30 pm, in Woodford County at the Safe Harbor Academy. It’s an historic building – a great example for our discussion. Why should we preserve old buildings? Or, why should we not build Walmarts on our farms? Why is it important to keep our downtowns alive?

We’ll all get to ask these questions of experts in the fields of architecture, community development, historic preservation, and urban planning.

People like Holly Wiedemann, President and Founder of AU Associates, and Richard Young, Executive Director of the NoLi CDC. We’ll talk with super-architect and MKSK Principal Andy Knight, and tap into the deep knowledge of urban planners Stan Harvey, Principal at Lord Aeck Sargent, and Louis Johnson from Gresham Smith and Partners. We’ll be able to link it to the immediate area through a representative from SPARK, a student-led group inside Woodford County devoted to improving the town and country of Versailles.

It is free.

There’ll be food provided by renowned chef, Ouita Michel. All you have to do is reserve your spot. Pass it on to people you think would be interested.

See you there!