Who Owns Solar Power?


Net metering should be received well. By installing solar energy units on your house, you can generate your own energy. When you generate a surplus, you can sell that energy back to a utility company and get a credit on your bill. The utility company will then distribute that energy back out to other customers through the grid. It’s a simple, fair exchange. But energy companies and other interest groups want it changed. Ultimately, they want to pay less for the surplus energy. In response to their effort – and and for the preservation of a viable, emerging industry – KY Solar Industries Association asked if we could help. They asked, “How can we show the practicality of solar energy and net metering to the elected officials of the Commonwealth and their constituents?”


Our answer was a simple story told through animation. We wrote a script that got to the heart of net metering’s appeal – the idea of fair exchange, the dangers of monopolies, and the importance of energy independence. We chose an animation style that was light and friendly, avoiding negative or combative tones that might alienate constituents or legislators. In the end, we a wanted clear and simple message. Clear and simple like net metering.