Our Summer Interns Converse for the First Time

The intern interview is pretty hyped up around here. We like to think it’s because we’re the office enigmas. Just ask Chris. He’s always convinced we’re plotting something.

On our penultimate week of our internships, we decided to sit down for a quick conversation that will hopefully dispel some of the mystery that surrounds us.

Jenny: Are you a cat or dog person?
Kate: Is both an option? I have a dog named Moose and I’m getting a Siberian cat I’ve already named Bear. I am obsessed with both of them. Which probably speaks to my perpetual state of indecision. What about you?
Jenny: Dog. I have a dog named Tonks and I’m an overbearing dog-mom. Also – Aren’t Siberian cats huge?
Kate: Yeah they typically weigh 8-17 pounds.
Jenny: Any animal that is over 15 pounds can be classified as a dog. So. You’re really a dog person.

K: Fair. Okay. Ball or rolling chair?
J: What kind of question is that?
K: The world may be divided into cat people and dog people, but this office is divided into ball sitters and rolling chair sitters.
J: Rolling chair.
K: Until last week, I was Team Rolling Chair all the way. But that was just because I assumed that if I sat on one of the balls I would fall off.
J: Did you try one?
K: Yes.
J: Did you fall of?
K: I will choose not to answer that question.

J: What is something most people consider a luxury that you couldn’t live without?
K: Ice cream.
J: Graeter’s ice cream is the best. I eat Graeter’s almost exclusively. I’m an ice cream snob. And I am not paid to say that.
K: We’re basically the same person.
J: And people say we dress similarly. I’m basically blonde Kate.
K: Yeah, every day at the office is kind of like Us Weekly’s “Who Wore it Best? Intern Edition.”

J: Describe your biggest lesson for Bullhorn in six words or less.
K: The weirdest work always works best.
J: The final version never ends.

K: What is the last commercial that made you cry?
J: I don’t cry.
K: There are sooo many for me. I’m weepy. The Whirlpool refrigerator commercial where the dad writes notes to his kids in their lunch boxes and they write a note back and leave it in the fridge. Gets me every time.
J: I think that one is my answer too. Because you made me watch it. And I can confirm that you did cry.

J: What’s next for you?
K: *laughs uncomfortably* Um. I don’t want to answer that question.
J: Why?
K: I have one more year left of college. Then I have to be a grownup. Eck.
J: It’s not that bad.
K: I just know that I do like this job. The people are awesome, the work is rewarding, and they’re paying us to just talk about ourselves right now. So, if this is being a grownup, maybe I can get used to it.
J: That’s a lovely thing to say. Maybe we should end it there.