Are We Doing Enough?

At Bullhorn we have been thinking a lot about sustainability. Not just financial. Of course, that is important.

We think about our social impact. Are we treating each other well? Do we provide the appropriate support for new parents? Do we give people the flexibility to live their lives and do good work? Are we engaged in our community? Are we working towards justice more broadly?

And we were recently awarded a Green Check from Bluegrass Greensource and the city. This means that we met requirements in recycling, waste reduction, water quality, and energy efficiency. Are we minimizing our environmental impact? As a small business it is difficult to prioritize. We want to do everything. But we can’t.

This is where Green Check comes in. It gives you a roadmap. It provides a way to prioritize.

We started where most people do: light bulbs, recycling, compost.

We are most proud of the steps we have made in minimizing the impact of our transportation. Most days half of our team rides a bike or walks to work. We have done a few things to support that. We provide a free bike to all new employees. The bike parking is the best parking. You can bring your bike in if it rains. And, we build culture and confidence with a Friday Legacy Trail ride.

The thing I might be most proud of is that before working at Bullhorn three of the people who now commute by bike hadn’t ridden since they were children. It had been decades. It is minimizing their impact on the environment, but also improving their wellbeing. Pretty cool.