The Boom Is Coming for You

This ice cream branding project started small, with local restaurateur Toa Green tinkering in the kitchen at her family’s Thai eatery. She introduced her ice cream to the daily menu, changing the unexpected, thoughtful flavor combinations frequently. The result was overwhelming customer enthusiasm; people wanted seconds, thirds – they asked to bring the dessert home for later. She had a phenomenal product: the kind of ice cream that will leave you wide-eyed, nodding in satisfaction for at least five stunned seconds after your first bite.

Crank & Boom primary and secondary logo designs

There's a Story Behind Every Flavor...

A story that champions the community and supports local producers, doing right by everyone from the farmer who grows their berries to the customer who finds them nestled in their ice cream.

Crank & Boom ice cream branding photo stylesCrank & Boom brand launch teaser textCrank & Boom brand launch buttons and story textCrank & Boom here comes the boom truck logoCrank and Boom ice cream branding flavors designCrank and Boom packaging design for super fudge flavor

Decadence and Homemade Attention in Each Pint

We structured the ice cream branding project around the experience of eating Toa’s ice cream, putting that into a couple of words and a set of images. Hundreds of false starts later we settled on Crank & Boom. From there we created a visual identity that communicates both the decadence and the homemade attention in each pint of this ice cream. The result was simple yet opulent, something that immediately grabs your attention and piques your curiosity. In addition to hitting retail shelves, C & B was launched with a website, through major food events in the region, and in the food truck style of so many other quality chefs and artisans across the country.

Crank & Boom logo sweatshirtCrank & Boom branded apparel designCrank & Boom event booth designCrank & Boom ice cream branding photo styleCrank & Boom brand campaign ad launch. poster, window clings