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Independent Spirit

Quint Tatro comes from a long line of financiers. His acumen is inherited and cultivated through years of practice for a variety of clients. His independent spirit led him to leave his family business and start his own company.
Joule Financial Branding

Driving Ambition

Tatro Capital was a training ground for some truly talented people, including Quint’s colleague and the co-host of their podcast Tape Talk Daniel Czulno. Together, they shifted Tatro Capital from a one-man operation to a lightning rod for new talent, new ideas, and solid financial guidance. With this foundational sensibility and organizational ambition set, Tatro Capital set its sights on expansion – bigger clients, new hires, wider industry recognition.

A rebrand was critical to widening the scope of this company. No longer Quint’s spot, now an industry-leading firm.

Joule Financial Branding Letter

A Bright Future

Joule Financial derives its name from a unity of energy. One conversation with the Joule team and you’ll see where this comes from. They’re driven. Their passion for what they do is infectious. One conversation with them and you’ll consider joining their team.

Their new look and feel is sophisticated and smart. Just like the people who work there. And like their clients, who come to Joule Financial for management from a true fiduciary. Time-tested, proven methodologies implemented by people with vision. Their website is a clear reflection of this vision, showcasing content first throughout. Their team creates unique content to demonstrate their expertise. They put it all out there. With a new brand identity, there is nowhere they can’t go and nothing they can’t do.

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