Larger Than Life Determination

Kenny Ray and Will started their logistics outfit in a double-wide trailer. After a series of key hires, impressive growth, and a new headquarters, they hired us to help graduate them from upstarts to up-and-comers. After one visit to the double-wide, we had a clear feel for this group. They’re determined. Ambitious. And bold.


Common sense and hard work

With this in mind, we created a new name and identity that took their game to the next level. Their name emphasizes their team’s strength, combining vivid imagery with direct accessibility. The identity is similarly direct. Pairing a masthead-inspired mark with a classic wordmark combines tradition and contemporary. On its own, the mark is a graphic statement that works evocatively on everything from gear to business cards. The highlight color is similarly impactful.


Galvanizing the team

The Longship website is a powerful cultural tool. Pared down and memorable messaging drives their recruitment, and the new brand brings their team together. Direct eye contact is a feature throughout the portraits. This is a unified group of people.



Living with the new brand

We worked with the Longship team to brand their space – and their vehicles. This flexible brand provided them with a strong foundation for the growth of their enthusiastic organization.

longshiplogistics_officelongshiplogistics_truckdecalsLongship Logistics Branding Logo Flag