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I want to ride my bicycle

Ben and Jef at Parkside came to us with a vision: to make biking more accessible to all riders. They prioritize inclusivity, and their visual identity had to reflect that welcoming, fun spirit while balancing real expertise in this field. This establishes Parkside as more than a destination; they are the trusted authority in a crowded landscape.

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Bring the outdoors in

Understanding the value of great service and a key location, we brought the outside in. Parkside opened a satellite location on Grinstead Drive, right across from the park. Building upon the original store’s spirit, we worked with the owners to construct a scalable identity that changes as the business expands to additional locations and into online sales. The mark points directly to the location. Both Parkside locations are located within sight of Cherokee Park. This place is one of the great treasures of Louisville, designed by world famous landscape architect Frederick Olmsted.

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Cycling year-round

The identity leans on colors that evoke springtime and summer. Patterns of watermelons, flowers, grass, and gingham tablecloths are juxtaposed with vintage imagery of the carefree nature of cycling. Each element is used to remind us of the great outdoors, even in the off-season.

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