For People Who Sweat

Sword is the antidote to a sports drink culture that prizes flash and glamour over substance and practicality. Created by two doctors, this hydration mix is intended for hard work. Its simple ingredients and unique formula set it apart from its competitors.


Doing More With Less

Remember the last time you worked so hard that your face felt like it was melting off? Lifting weights, lifting cars, lifting small children for hours. You mopped up your brow and reached for your Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water. Whatever you could pick up. And, after a good long chug, you immediately felt a kind of film on your tongue, between your teeth. The feeling you get after you shotgun a pack of Starbursts. Surely this can’t be right. This is supposed to make me feel better, you think.

Sword Drink Mix Athletics Branding Logo

Simple Practicality

Our work is built from that simple practicality. With a pared down wordmark, a black/white/grayscale color set, and language that is both matter-of-fact and charismatic – this brand speaks for hard workers of all kinds. People who make difficult decisions, who forge ahead. People who sweat.

We launched their new brand in conjunction with the release of their newest flavor. Orange. Voted in by Sword’s loyal following, this flavor is the latest in the product lineup’s evolution.

Sword Drink Mix Athletics Branding Brand Manual Guidelines

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Sword Drink Mix Athletics Branding Information and Promotion cards

smart and candid

The language we used for Sword is practical and frank. It lacks pretension. It doesn’t use words like “optimal” or “next-level.” It is motivating without being intimidating. It’s not macho or prettified. It doesn’t dumb down or amp up. It says what it means.

The photography style focuses on isolated figures poised before work. During moments of choice. Do I climb this hill? Can I fit in one last rep? I can do it. Sword will help me.

The graphic style demonstrates Sword’s scientific genesis without being explicitly tied in science iconography. We’ve shed the molecule icon for a style that is both decorative and descriptive. This athletics branding is varied – from jerseys to vans to packaging. It changes to suit its use.

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Sword Drink Mix Athletics Branding Tent and Flag Design

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