In 1996, Dave Sevigny started his business as an IT provider. He had been working at IBM, and when he had the opportunity to start his own company as an IBM Business Partner, he took it. His core clients were Kentucky’s K-12 school districts.

That company was called DMD Data Systems; DMD was formed using the founders’ initials. Their visual identity was formulated with a similar accidental style. They needed a name, they made one up, and it served them well for 20 years. That was par for the course for business-to-business companies at the time of DMD’s formations.

The company grew in employees, services, partners, and clients in the next two decades, receiving multiple awards and huge contracts through the local government and healthcare providers. Then, they grew their contracts with commercial companies like Under Armour. They hired salespeople out of state. DMD Data Systems was a force to be reckoned with. A company with vision and momentum.

Volta IT Branding Logo


Dave handed off his title of President to Marshall Butler, moving into a Chief Operating Officer role. This change, combined with the company’s broadening services and clients, necessitated a comprehensive second look at their identity. They were now a business-to-business company in an age with increasing attention to branding. They engaged us to create a new name, look, and feel for their company that would take them from regional service provider to national contender.

Volta IT Branding Website Preview


The new name has tangible tech connotations. Their new look is sophisticated and eye-catching. It updates their original primary color (red), and simplifies their mark. With clarified language and a visual identity they can play with, Volta is ready to take on the world.

They coordinated client outreach before announcing their rebrand by sending out letters from Marshall, then following up by inviting key stakeholders to their launch party. That event precipitated a digital and physical makeover. One day and the whole thing was changed. The team at Volta has embraced their new name and look.

Volta IT Branding Touchpoint
Volta IT Branding Culture
Volta IT Branding Website Preview
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Volta IT Branding Culture
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Volta IT Branding Business Card
Volta IT Branding Touchpoints
Volta IT Branding Culture
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