From Bullhorn With Love

It may be Valentine’s Day, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. It’s warmer than normal, and we’re all grumpier than normal. Take some time to enjoy this non-February weather.

Go for a walk downtown today. Step into a bakery or the library. Grab a cup of coffee. Take out your headphones and look up from your smartphone. You might be surprised by what you find.



Sending out valentines has become somewhat of a tradition at Bullhorn, and we always try to do something that pushes the envelope. Get it?

I forced everyone into our conference room one Friday afternoon, and we wrote down all of our worst and best ideas on the whiteboard. After some discussion and refinement, From Bullhorn with Love prevailed. Everyone created 13 valentines. Handwritten, typed, drawn, scissored, or taped. It’s a nice exercise in tactility. Lexingtonians are all different sorts of people, so we made all different sorts of valentines.

From Bullhorn with Love.

This year, we wanted our valentines to be for more than just the social media skimmer or the blog reader. This year, the valentines are for everyone. They are for the bus rider. For the coffee-shop go-er. For the early-morning runner, the business woman, and the street cleaners.