We Did Some Good Stuff

It is easy to make the mistake we so often make when talking about culture. To write about the things that happened because of our culture not about the thing itself. Our culture is us and we have had quite a year.



We gave birth to two baby girls. We sent two boys to Kindergarten. We went college shopping with our daughter.

We experienced loss; the loss of friends and family members. We got staggeringly bad news. We grieved together. We grieved individually.

We got three dogs who make us smile. We were temporary guardians to an independent cat (who could bark) named Honey.

We bought a house. We tore a house down and rebuilt it from the ground up.

We left Florida for a job in KY. We left Kansas City for an opportunity that we turned into a job. We left Bullhorn for a dream job.

We brewed kombucha in the office. It was great…until it exploded. We repainted the ceiling.

We went to more weddings that we can count. Getting “stuck” in Mexico was probably the highlight.

We navigated a complex American landscape. And sometimes we had to turn off the news in favor of Bach and better mental health.

We bought a used Volvo, fixed it up, and drove it most of the way to Alaska. We did a half dozen bike races. We ran further than we ever have before. And, we relaxed.

We got a concussion and lost 5 hours.

We went on a liquid diet.

We went on on the road with our band – playing the Vans Warped Tour and our first headliner.

We took a personality test and tried to figure each other out.

It sort of worked.

We are living a full life. We are happy and angry and disappointed and confused and pleasantly surprised. We are working. We are attempting to channel the fullness of our life into each project. We are attempting to give it life from our life.

It is working.

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