We Figured Some Stuff Out

Bullhorn Grew Up

It is actually pretty hard to sum up a year in 300-500 words. It seems the general consensus has been that 2016 has been the pits. I don’t know. Here are three good things that happened at Bullhorn. These are signifiers of our change. They are some of the way points we will look back on with reverie.

Property Ownership

This is a big step. We had been renting for 7 years. The opportunity came for us to buy an office. We jumped at it. We are now the proud owners of 1940s-era cinder block garage retrofitted with a conference room, two bathrooms, and a kitchenette. We have accumulated 30+ plants that keep our brains fully oxygenated.

In addition, we have opened a business development outpost in Washington DC. Will gets lonely there. If you are in town, send him a line and take him out for breakfast. He has to watch us eat together every Friday morning in our staff breakfast meeting.

Business Process

We were operating in the dark. For the most part. None of us have a business degree. I don’t even think any of us have taken a business class. We have spent a fair amount of time working out our creative process. But if someone needed to know something about insurance, make a change to payroll, had a question about accountability, it was not easy. We did a ton of boring stuff this year that makes working here way better and less stressful. Processes are in order and documented. Check.

Core Beliefs

One of the things that came out of our Business Process introspection was that we didn’t have a fully articulated vision of why we work. We spent the time to do that. And from that thinking we refined some of our policies. We have a parental leave program, we have established an open vacation policy, and we have a working copy of our sustainability plan.

Being in business isn’t easy. There is inertia. This year we pushed back on that inertia a bit and the results have been gratifying.

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