Made in America, Made in Kentucky

This 1790 Georgian mansion tells the story of its builders, William and Lucy Clark Croghan, and the story of American beginnings.  William and Lucy Clark Croghan, along with Lucy’s brother, General George Rogers Clark, welcomed a generation of American luminaries to their home to rest, dialogue, campaign, and duel.

George Rogers Clark spent much time here, and lived out the remaining years of his life on this estate. He started as a frontiersman, settling in Kentucky in the years before the Revolutionary War. During the war, Clark persuaded Virginia to declare Kentucky a county of Virginia, which entitled the region to an identity, government, and supplies. After the war, he settled in the town he helped found: Louisville.

Locust Grove stands today as a memorial to Clark.

Our challenge in this project was to do justice to the historic character of this estate while creating a user-friendly, contemporary website. We integrated visual elements found throughout the house into the fabric of the website, focusing specifically on the vibrant, evocative wallpaper patterns that decorate the house. The result is an introduction to the rich, historic space. A tour of the website is almost a tour of the house.

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