We Made Some Good Stuff

What a year. A lot of people out there are saying that 2016 was a garbage year. Worst year ever. Not to get political, but we all know that credit card chip readers were a colossally inconvenient shift in our culture. Certainly soured the year for me.

The good news is that our work got better this year. We launched new brands, rebrands, websites, packaging, and videos. We helped new organizations hit the ground running, and we helped successful organizations get even better.

For me, the best part of this job is looking behind the curtain. I have accumulated mastery of industry trivia for everything from trucking logistics to public radio. When we launch new work, it’s not just a product of our strategic findings, our design prowess, or our ability to write solid, resounding taglines. It’s a direct reflection of the people we’ve been lucky to get to know at these places. Their triumphs and struggles at work.

Looking at this year’s work is like that scene at the end of Animal House where they go freezeframe on all the characters and the titles tell us what they went on to do. The best scene in the movie.


We helped new ventures Longship and Plot with branding from the ground up: new name and identity.

Plot Landscaping Branding Truck DecalsLongship Logistics Lexington Branding Shirts

We helped Sword expand their brand with new packaging.


Branding Refresh

We helped Big Shake’s Hot Chicken open up a new market for their amazing food with an updated brand and social media.
Big Shake's Food Branding QSR Visual Identity

We took MCF Advisors, a financial services group, to the next level. Another group in a traditional industry, Kinkead & Stilz came to us for a contemporary look and feel, with a similarly forward-thinking website experience.


With subtle, thoughtful changes, Cal Laboratory’s clinical diagnostic offering was distinguished.


And we took a fresh look at a summer tradition. Picnic with the Pops was a super fun project.


Brand Experience

We revisited Good Foods Co-Op, a local favorite, for interior and exterior redesign in line with their friendly identity.

Good Foods Co-op Branding Exterior and Interior Design ConsultationGood Foods Co-op Branding Exterior and Interior Design Consultation

Not bad for a company that started with two guys selling beer out of the back of a truck at a rave.

We’re getting nostalgic with a look back at 2016 in work, culture, and industry. Read more here.