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Transformation is only possible with empathy.

Bullhorn Impact Branding Work Examples

Our focus

Naming. We will help you name your company, product, or service. Or organize your naming architecture. We use the same iterative process to deliver consistent results: build criteria, generate a wide range of ideas, and use the criteria to inform decision-making.

Identity design. Good design without strong language is decoration. Strong language without good design falls flat. We use an ethnographic combination of workshops, interviews, and independent research to understand your unique view of the world. We will translate that understanding into a visual and verbal identity to propel your growth.

Brand campaigns. We will help launch your new brand into the world. This could mean web design and development, social media, and content strategy. It could be video or photography, an advertising campaign, or public relations push. Regardless of the tactics, we will drive awareness and engagement to maximize your impact.

See our impact branding work.

Our process

We have a process. An approach. A philosophy. While each step is flexible so that we can get to know you best, the steps always follow the same order. This is how we consistently deliver high-quality creative work.

We are curious. We use an ethnographic combination of workshops, interviews, profiles, and surveys to understand your unique view of the world. We explore your foundation — your positioning, your values, your culture — to understand why you do what you do.

We are learners. We dig deep into your competition and landscape and study industries on a similar trajectory. We examine language, design, and user experience, uncovering what’s working and what isn’t for other brands. With this knowledge, we formulate and present a forward-moving strategy.

We are creators. We translate strategy into naming, brand identity concepts, and compelling user experience — setting a visual and verbal foundation. We work together to clarify your visual identity, define your brand voice, or untangle complicated brand architecture systems. A confident brand requires strong language and design with purposeful executions.

We are supporters. We articulate your brand identity through practical materials, launch recommendations, and comprehensive brand standards. We give you the tools you need to launch on your own, working like stagehands in the background. Or we are more hands-on, guiding your launch.

We are partners. We integrate with your team for a longer partnership to help you bring your new brand identity to life, consistently and effectively. We help you plan for growth through marketing, content strategy, and collateral.

Our creative manifesto

We believe in good work. Good work that is making a social and environmental impact. Again and again. Call it the ripple effect. Call it momentum with a purpose. The trouble is that it can be hard to do good work over and over. These are the lessons we learned along the way:

1. Good work is built on trust.

2. Research before creation.

3. Listen to understand, not to respond.

4. Do not create and analyze at the same time.

5. Go where you need to go to generate new ideas.

6. Make it memorable.

7. Quality is in the details.

8. Worrying solves nothing.

9. Learn from failure.

10. Nothing is sacred.

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