2019 in 35 seconds

Goodbye 2019

Stress has a way of shaking things. The screws rattle loose. We have spent a lot of this year tightening them back. It is a cliche to say that the year has been a blur, but we can attest that some years are blurrier than others. Maybe it is the shaking.

There has been considerable change. We have greeted four new Bullhorn children. One of our long-time co-workers went on to start his own venture. Another went to Yale. We have welcomed three new co-workers. We opened an office in Louisville. Adam went on sabbatical. We worked for about 85 clients this year. It has been a lot. But, remember, not all stress is bad stress.

It was a year of stretching. Stretching and strengthening. And, while this is a look back, we are already running forward.