Business Time: Change

Business Time: Change

I’ve been thinking about change lately. Maybe it’s our new office in Louisville, our overhaul of the way we make brand films. Maybe it’s because my kids are growing at an alarming rate.

Bob Dylan once said, “He not busy being born is busy dying.” Succinct.

I think this says a lot about business. It may be slow or it may be quick, but if you aren’t in the process of reinventing what you do and how you do it, your business is dying.

If a company has to be in the process of continual reinvention, it must also have consistent elements so that it is recognizable over time. We always say (tired of hearing this?) that your brand isn’t your logo, but the culmination of all you do. That definition of a brand makes a branding company an adept partner to help you navigate change.

“We all have change blindness.”

Something shows up and we relegate it to background information. Things you don’t notice anymore really stand out to others. It can be a piece of furniture, a logo variation, a way you answer the phone. Something you tolerate. Something that is fine. But when it’s pointed out, you realize it just isn’t.

So maybe another way to talk about branding is to talk about change. We help sort out the elements true to your purpose and the elements that need to be realigned. We are change managers. We are listeners. We are life coaches. We are therapists, advisors, sounding boards. Most importantly: we are partners.

Because the bottom line is that change is scary. It might be exciting, but it’s still the unknown and there is always risk in the unknown. You need someone you can trust.