Why We Bike

Why We Bike

We like bikes. If you visit the office, you’ll have to step over at least three bicycles locked around our rapidly deteriorating deck/stairs. It’s more than something we do for fun, we genuinely care about it.

Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about our tagline “We do good work for good people.” Whether it’s a website, a film, or a full brand identity, we are committed to making things for people we believe impact their communities positively. People whose work, and the way they work, is an investment in where they live and who they live with.

We think of our work in the exact same way. Call it corporate responsibility, call it hippie bullshit – we are actively working every day to make Bullhorn more than just a building on the corner of Loudon and Limestone. For our work to be meaningful, we have to carefully consider how we impact this neighborhood, this city, this world.

“That's why we bike.”

Every Bullhorn employee is offered a free bicycle from the Broke Spoke Community Bike Shop. And at 8 every morning, over half our office can be found pedaling to work. Ask anyone who commutes by bike, you get to know your way around the city, get to know the streets and the character of those streets.

And you get the privilege of mental clarity, something pretty rare nowadays. Brad talked about it in his last Business Time post, and we talk about it a lot in the office. How do we focus and actually come up with ideas? It’s a completely different experience from commuting by car.

This year, we won the Bike Lexington Commuter Challenge in the Medium Business Category for the fifth time. With 10.6 trips per employee, we spent the month of May sweating it out.

Why We Bike

It doesn’t stop at commuting. We also sponsor several bike-centered events in Lexington. The Easy Rider Castlewood Cross Series (pictured above) is just one example. We also help with the Bike Prom and Cranksgiving. These events bring together bicycling enthusiasts of all experience levels to explore the city, test their skill levels, and have fun.

We also volunteer our time at the Broke Spoke Community Bike Shop. We kind of have to, because our boss is one of the founders. This non-profit is completely run by volunteers. You can buy used bikes and parts, or volunteer your time in exchange. Other volunteers are there to coach you through basic (and not-so-basic) bike maintenance. The idea is that Broke Spoke – and those who work in it – is a community resource. It exists to empower community members in their bicycle ownership.

Why We Bike

We like Broke Spoke. We made their website and we design all their collateral (as you can see above). It’s all a part of our enthusiasm for and commitment to cycling in Lexington. Good design makes a direct impact. Our work increases the visibility of Broke Spoke, it brings people to the shop, and it encourages the loyalty of its volunteers.

We also designed the identity of the Easy Rider event, which you can read about here.

In addition, we designed these hot kits for the Pedal Power Race Team. Pretty cool.

Why We Bike

Today, the 31st of July, we’re accepting the Stewardship Accolade from LiveGreen Lexington. For our work in the community, and our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint (did we mention that biking is good for the environment?), we’re getting a sexy, shiny plaque.

The shindig starts at 5 at the Blue Stallion Brewery, the award ceremony kicks off at 5:30. Come out and join us, let’s talk about bikes. There will be free beer. Do not quote us on that.