Do Better

Do Better

“When someone hands you a flyer, it's like they're saying, 'Here, you throw this away.”

We find ourselves trying to design a better flyer. It’s useless decoration. Junk that never seems to solve a bigger problem.

Do BetterDo Better

Today we have cheap logo websites. Free templates for stationery. Squarespace sites full of beautifully predictable and stale photography. A low hum of sameness. They feel designed to stand in, not out. They are designed to be thrown away.

The internet is a collective reference point. We all see the same things. Visit the same sites. “Get inspired” by the same blog posts.

Do Better

Great design indicates something even greater. It calls out to people.

I bought a chocolate bar online because of the packaging. No smell, no taste, no touch. I made the assumption that if these guys have great taste in design, they must have great taste in chocolate.

Do Better

They did.

At Bullhorn, our job is to find out what makes you unique and showcase that through language and design. We make aesthetic choices that direct people to think critically about your product or service. To look twice. To reflect. We want to make things that interrupt the daily routine.

What are the clichés in your industry? Why? Those tactics worked for someone in the past. That’s why everyone does them today. But if your product is special, shouldn’t your language and design be special?

Let’s make something worth remembering.

Intrigue is a major asset in an internet world. Play up to the people who care, and not down to the people who don’t.