We Noticed Larger Changes In Design

We Noticed Larger Changes In Design

Most of these What is the Future of Design articles tend to say the same things: More digital, more dynamic, artificial intelligence, blah blah, empowerment.

Trends come and go. The approach to great design remains the same. Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it appropriate. We try to make things that work not only today, but hopefully stand the test of time.

We increasingly work with larger decision-making teams, in-house designers, and generally creative people. People who have heard of branding. They care more about the aesthetics/design/personalization of their own world. These people are designers in their own right. Creating the perfect Instagram photo. Making videos on Snapchat. Launching Squarespace websites. Easy-to-use versions of the professional tools I use daily are popping up everywhere. I tell you that because it changes the conversations I have with our clients today. They want to be involved. Included in the design process. No longer can I fly back to my desk and design in the dark. Revealing my creations to a standing ovation. The process requires way more collaboration. Honesty and vulnerability.

It’s the role of the agency to help you make better decisions. Not just stuff that looks cool. Many of our clients feel they know what they want, but struggle to find the words to explain it to us. Our role is more coaching than directing. Explaining the ramifications of the decisions. Guiding you along the way.

To create something memorable, simple, and appropriate is tough. I need to drag you through anguish of being a designer. Make you feel the pain of creation so you we can appreciate the success together.

Because of the democratization of creativity and craftsmanship, the agency’s role is changing.