Is the Logo Dead?

Is the Logo Dead?

“Make me a new logo.” I’ve made a career out of designing logos. But I’ve mostly fallen out of love with the company emblem. For some, there’s an assumption that all of their problems can be solved with a shiny new badge of honor. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

At Bullhorn we begin by uncovering those problems. Asking questions about their audience, their competitors, their hopes and fears. We listen. We work with them to build a strategy, a way forward. A plan to solve those problems. There’s an analogy I use:

If someone tells us to make them a burger, we can create a gorgeous bison burger on ciabatta bread with gourmet cheese and local greens. But if someone tells us they’re hungry and asks what they should eat, the possibilities are endless.

“Our role is to solve their dilemma. Not simply fulfill a request.”

As our website states, your logo is not your brand. Branding is about who you are and what you stand for. It is more important to distinguish yourself through your beliefs and behaviors. When you can take those beliefs and extend them to all your tangible and digital touchpoints, that’s when you will begin to truly connect with people. It’s more than just applying a color palette and logo standards onto numerous surfaces. Your brand must become an experience.

Let’s be honest. Does a restaurant have a set of values? Does a luxury candle store have a mantra? We believe that these organizations are an extension of the people who join them, who start them. That impulse is what we celebrate in everything we do. It’s ingenuity, plain and simple. And that’s the most valuable, human thing we’re capable of. Making things from nothing. We’re dedicated to it.

The logo isn’t dead, but it is on life support.