Social Media is Killing Your Business

Social Media is Killing Your Business
How to Choose the Right Social Media

Imagine you’re newly single. You’ve been focusing on yourself, reading Renata Adler. You just started a ceramics class. You’re ready to mix it up. But simply sustaining eye contact with strangers at coffee shops isn’t cutting it. The truth is that no one meets IRL anymore – it’s time to jump onto dating apps.

You cannot sign up for every single dating app. No one has the time to maintain all those profiles, and some of them aren’t what you’re looking for. How can you find that special someone to take to an artisan pizza joint and talk with about everything and nothing?

More and more, customers meet your business through the internet – not IRL. They get to know you through your website and social media; the latter can make or break the relationship. Done right, social media activity will convert new customers and foster loyalty. Done wrong, social media activity will alienate and burn potential relationships. The first step to a successful presence is to choose the right platforms.

Think of your business’s social media presence. How can you cultivate the right kind of audience engaging in the right kind of conversation to convert customers?

Social Media is Killing Your Business
Before you start anything, ask yourself these questions:
Can you update it?

If you’re not checking all your social media accounts regularly, they will end up hurting you more than helping. Irregular presence reads unprofessional. Always. Depending on the platform, you don’t have to post new content daily, but you do have to interact with people. If you have a blog, you must update it weekly.

Devote consistent time to the social media exchange that you can best manage.

Is your customer/client there?

Chances are, if you are a law firm, your average client is not on Pinterest for legal guidance. Get in the mind of your consumer, and ask yourself where they go to find answers that you can provide.

Leverage social media platforms with pre-existing industry activity. Forget everything else.

How can you show off your expertise?

A regularly updated blog is the perfect way to showcase not just your work but your process. If you can update it weekly, using your social media presence to bring people to your blog is a common strategy to engage with your customer base. But the truth is that most people don’t want to read your blog – even if they are interested in your work.

It’s a common misconception that social media exists to funnel people to your website. The truth is that every platform is engineered to keep you in that platform. Instagram is the most powerful example of this. So, how can you bring in new clients through social media? Talk to people where they live. Engage in conversations not sermons on the platforms your customers use to get insight into your industry.

Your blog is your bible; your social media exchange is your evangelism.

Social Media is Killing Your Business
How do people talk on each platform?

Once you come up with your short list of platforms, map out what kind of activity goes on each. Do not double content verbatim across platforms. Tailor your work to the variance in audience and conversation in each social media system. Social media audiences are smart. If they follow you on multiple sources – and this is what you want – they will see when you recycle content.

Speak with the language each social media platform uses.

Social Media is Killing Your Business

Can you sustain this kind of activity?

One week of social media activity is a drop in the bucket. The fact of the matter is you’re in it for the long haul, and if you’re going to see any return on this you need to commit to even six months where you might not get any engagement in return for your effort.

Prepare for a lonely road – at first.