Bullhorn Sets the Mood

You walk into a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. What song is playing?

The music you listen to on Valentine’s Day is critical. And we are stepping in to help you out.

We picked the perfect songs that put things on the right trajectory. Because Valentine’s Day isn’t really about chocolate. It isn’t about fancy dinners. It isn’t about that necklace from Jared’s. It isn’t even about love, exactly. It is about a particular expression of love. We should know. 30% of us were conceived on Valentine’s Day.

Throughout history, philosophers have written about the connection between creation and procreation. They are different sides of the same coin. And, after all, you don’t do love, you make it. It is a creative, constructive act. We are a creative agency. We pursue creativity every day – we’re experts.

Bullhorn is a bit like a disco ball. If you dig too deep, you just get styrofoam and dried glue and shards of glass. But, if you hold us at the right distance, in the right light, we are a multi-splendored thing. This playlist reflects our resplendence. It also reflects our different ways to approach the topic at hand. It reveals our differences and our cohesion.

We think you will find something here that works for you. Enjoy.

The Bullhorn V-Day Mixtape

Bullhorn Sets the MoodBullhorn Sets the MoodBullhorn Sets the MoodBullhorn Sets the Mood
Bullhorn Sets the Mood