Turn On Your Love Light

The table is set. Literally. You chose an understated table cloth. You got down the glasses you use once a year. You did your research. Strawberries. Dark chocolate. Oysters. Pomegranate. Red wine. Okay, the menu might be a little weird. Maybe all the aphrodisiacs don’t go together, but you are desperate. We get it. We have all been there.

You click on your musical selection. Chopin’s “Nocturnes.” You close your eyes for a second to assess everything. And you realize, “No, this is wrong! We are going to fall asleep before we eat.” You have a wave of panic. You look around wildly. For a terribly long second all is lost. But, you think back to the email you got earlier that day. Saved by an email? No way.

It is true. This is proof that you can be saved by an email. Just click the link and leave it up to us.

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